Sartch's aim is to provide a system deserving of your trust by proactively screening for potential problems, investigating all issues and provide full transparency for our community of collectors. Providing a safe, secure and trusted platform is key to Sartch's values. This page will explain the two sections "Artworks" and "Collections".


The Collections area is the section where users buy fractional shares of collections and share ownership with other art investors. All collections are managed by Sartch or partners of Sartch for the entire period. When buying a share you should understand you are not buying the art to store in your home, you will not receive the physical collection itself, but rather you are buying a factional share of the collection and will receive an certificate as proof of ownership.

You are responsible for your own research. Whilst we aim to provide the most talented artists and emerging works, we encourage our members to do a little research themselves, if in doubt or you require more information you should contact Sartch or the Curator.

The need for diversification. Buying shares across different collections, spreading your money across affordable artworks is a wiser choice than relying on, or buying just one large share within a collection. This minimises any risk associated with the artwork.

Shared Ownership. Shared ownership means you have an ownership stake alongside other owners. Depending on how much money you put in depends how much you own within the collection.

Certificate of Title. Or ‘Certificate of ownership’ Is a document we will present to you which proves your ownership in the invested collection. We strongly advise you keep this safe. You can transfer ownership to someone else if you wish. To do this please contact support.


The Artworks section consists of products which can be bought and shipped directly to its buyer just like any other store. Within this section members and guests may purchase any available artwork of their choice and proceed through the steps.


Share owning art does not guarantee constant returns on your art asset, we advise you diversify to spread the risk but general risks while purchasing units in art continue to apply. Please bear in mind the following particular risks:

Lack of liquidity. Liquidity is the ease with which you can sell your assets after purchase. As art requires a buyer, it could take a long period of time before a return is made. You should bare this in mind before you make a decision.

Loss of Value. In the unlikely event that the art is not able to be sold in the specified timeframe, the value drops or the sale of the collection is beneath the purchase price, your return will be based on the final value sold. Therefore there is a risk of a loss of capital.

Damage or Theft. Although the art is housed and stored in approved storage facilities, there is always the small chance it can be damaged or stolen. Each piece is insured, however you still need to be aware of this.

No Index. Art has no index, the price is purely based on value it as at the time of the sale. Although popular art tends to be valued based on the average market price, the art market has no official fixed index.

What you can do

Explore the collections page. It will tell you everything you need to know, including details about the artist(s) and curator information.

Read what others say. If you're not sure about something you can contact for more information and receive answers to queries.