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African art has seen substantial growth in value over the last few years with an ever increasing buyers market. It is one of the fastest growing trends in art at present. Every aspiring collector should have a few pieces within their collection.

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Artist info

Abdulsalam Abdulkareem was born on 10 July 1971 and originates from Bida Niger State. He studied Fine Arts at the renowned Yaba College of Technology where he graduated with an OND and HND in 1998 and 2000. He spent some time with National Gallery of Art between 2003 and 2004 where he gained invaluable experience as an intern. During this period had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other artists from Nigeria and abroad. Abdulsalam has exhibited his works in a series of exhibitions in Nigeria. These include – Heroes Before Time (1997), The Restless (2000), DNA Abu (2001), Eck Regional Seminar Exhibition, Index Maiden Outing (2003), Beyond Forms (2004), Affinity (2005), Northern Kaleidoscope (2008). Abdulsalam is currently involved in numerous local and international art projects.

Silas Onoja specialises in in the use of mediums consisting of watercolours and oils. He is considered an one of the best fine artists in recent times with his lifelike paintings which draws realism and speaks volumes of his talent. He has featured in many exhibitions, publications and his works are widely collected throughout Nigeria and abroad. He is an ideal example of an up and coming artist, he is expected to achieve remarkable success within the years to come.

Greg Onyeka is a graduate of University of Lagos, where he studied creative Arts and specialised in painting. He has been a full time studio artist for over ten years, he considered an abstract artist in recent times, he also engages in other styles of art. He has featured in many exhibitions and his works widely collected throughout Nigeria and Abroad. His is mostly represented by signature art gallery Ikoyi and also has featured in the last two sogal auction organized by same art gallery. Onyeka Greg is at the moment planning to stage a solo art exhibition soon.

Curator Info

Sartch Curator

Curator Title : Private Collector & Art Connoisseur

About: This curator working on behalf of Sartch is a seasoned private collector boasting a renowned art collection ranging from emerging artists to avant-garde artworks. He has developed unique relationships with prominent artists which has aided in securing limited edition pieces. His knowledge of art is extensive and within his experience has developed a key eye for identifying emerging artists and consulting on art investment.