Abdulsalam Abdulkareem

B. 1971
Bida, Nigeria
Yaba college of Technology, 2000
Heroes before time, 1997
Beyond Forms, 2004
Nothern Kaleidoscope, 2008 and more


Abdulsalam Abdulkareem was born on 10 July 1971 and originates
from Bida Niger State. He studied Fine Arts at the renowned Yaba
College of Technology where he graduated with an OND and HND
in 1998 and 2000.

He spent some time with National Gallery of Art between 2003 and
2004 where he gained invaluable experience as an intern. During
this period had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with
other artists from Nigeria and abroad.

Abdulsalam has exhibited his works in a series of exhibitions in
Nigeria. These include – Heroes Before Time (1997), The Restless
(2000), DNA Abu (2001), Eck Regional Seminar Exhibition, Index
Maiden Outing (2003), Beyond Forms (2004), Affinity (2005),
Northern Kaleidoscope (2008).

Abdulsalam is currently involved in numerous local and
international art projects.