Yusuf Abiola Oladotun

B. 1988
Oyo, Nigeria


Abiola Oladotun Yusuf is a visual artist working in painting, mixed
media painting, Digital painting and illustration.
He was born into the Abiola's family in Nolende town, Akinyele
local government of Oyo state, on the 26th of August 1988
spending most of his early life in Lagos. He later proceeded to the
University of Lagos, Akoka Lagos. Obtaining a Bachelor Degree in
Art ( B.A ) 2012.

Yusuf loved the sense of freedom of interpretation and exploring
different media, feeling a sense of peace during creative processes.
Choosing to explore the movement of expressionism where he
draws inspiration from and is influenced by renowned artists whose
works reflect an expressionist style, this has driven the artist to
explore this style of painting in more depth.