Godwin Adesoye

B. 1974
Lagos, Nigeria

Instiute of Textile Technology, Art and Design 1999
Nike Art Centre - Abuja, Nigeria
Quintessence Gallery - Ikoyi, Nigeria


Godwin Adesoye, studied at the institute of textile technology art
and design, he has managed to re-invent himself numerous times
through his exposure to international influences and sheer determination.
He is a talented impressionist artist with a twist, and also
boasts membership of the society of Nigerian artists. He has
participated in several solo and group exhibitions nationally which
include the Nike Art centre in Abuja and the prestigious
Quintessence gallery in Ikoyi. Thus Internationally becoming a
house hold name in the minds of collectors and patrons of Nigerian

Godwin's paintings are an example of today's Art. His style,
technique and materials are distilled from contemporary
experiences and influences. His style of painting could be viewed to
be impressionist in rendition while using modern materials like oil
paint derived from organic and inorganic developed materials
produced from extensive research and technology to withstand the
test of time. He uses canvas materials as his paintings surface,
taking into consideration the flexibility and durability it has over
other surfaces.

The subject of his paintings change from the abstract to the real
without complicating the surface with motives and unidentified
icons. Choice of colour schemes are done deliberately to express
mood and messages using the vocabulary and syntac of the
colourist while maintaining a consistent pattern of line, colour and
form. His dexterity can be considered to be mature in comparison
to his chronological age, thus speaking volumes of the artist's state
of mind and discipline.