We started Sartch to provide more opportunities for art lovers and art investors to get involved in the art market, to give galleries and artists more opportunities to reach people online and for collectors to experience art through curated collections. Provide a platform to discover emerging artists. We all know art is lucrative, aspiring collectors and enthusiasts now have more ways to build profitable portfolios, invest in high end expert managed collections whilst helping create a space for the most talented artists to showcase their works.


Sartch is a platform for aspiring collectors, art investors and art enthusiasts to discover emerging works directly from the artists, galleries and established collectors. We create a smarter way to own and build portfolios of collections managed by leading curators. Our aim is to make the art market more accessible to aspiring collectors; create a smarter route for art investors, make it easier for galleries and artists to sell their works online and build a platform that showcases the very best from international emerging and established artists.



Art is a profitable industry with a global market which is not affected by most economical factors. A high number or people tend to use art as an alternative investment, some simply love and admire the talent and imagery. Whatever category you fall into, at Sartch we cater to both.

Put your money in art the smart way.

‘’Put your money in art the smart way .’’

‘Democratising Art’


One of the opportunities Sartch provides is to buy fractional shares in collections of emerging and established artworks selected by leading curators.

By "buying into collections" and owning a percentage, you are sharing ownership with everyone else that has bought in. You may own 10%, 20%, 50% or even only 2%. Either way you have a ownership stake in that collection.

This process will work in 3 steps:

First: Once you buy into a collection, you will receive a ‘title’ certificate as proof of your ownership. Keep this safe as it is valuable. We will then manage it until sold.

Second: The art will be held for a number of years depending on the collection, we may sell it before this time, but we hold it to a minimum of the amount displayed in the "about collection" tab to give the works enough time to grow in value. We will inform you of any updates when necessary. Within this time we may hold events, auctions and various promotional PR campaigns. You will be notified when necessary to see your collections progression.

Third: We sell the art (we put everything into getting the best price), you will be notified and your return will be sent either by bank transfer or cheque.

All art is insured, held in special storage facilities, secure spaces (such as galleries) and checked by specialists for authenticity, you can rest assured everything is kept safe!

Login and browse our library of art collections, once you find a collection you like simply click on the "buy into collection" button and follow the steps. We will send you a confirmation email of your purchase and email you your certificate of title, we will also post it if you select the option.

‘Supporting a more creative world’


Like any other creative industry, it is ever increasingly hard for newcomers to make their mark. We aim to help with this by donating a percentage of our profits to helping give creative individuals the necessary tools for them to succeed, also helping promote newcomers with established artists to give them that boost they need.


We work with an esteemed network of artists, private collectors and curators which gives us access to the very best emerging works out there. Our experienced curators carefully select each piece with thought. Art specialists, passionate collectors, art enthusiasts, we work with all to help bring these collections to life. Every curator has complete creative control, all we do is help bring it to our community of ambitious collectors.


Our mission is to provide smarter and better opportunities for art enthusiasts and investors to own emerging art, with the aim in becoming a ‘seasoned collector’. At the same time helping promote and inspire talent by providing them with funds, work spaces and giving them a platform to showcase their work.


If you’re writing about Sartch or covering a Sartch collection, please contact press@sartch.com to find background material, press contacts, and visual assets.

‘Share Ownership of Curated Collections of Art’


All collections our curators, galleries, artists and collectors add are managed and housed in special temperature controlled safe storage environments to keep it in pristine condition, eventually to be moved to galleries and event spaces to be viewed, admired and sold! Before any work is approved they are checked by certified specialists for authenticity...even sometimes by the artists themselves!

We pride ourselves on being committed to the arts and creative industry and helping others to achieve their potential through our benefit program.

We will never sell your information to third party agencies or institutions.